Why Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

Many individuals and businesses, whether they are in the process of proactively planning tax strategies or they are reacting to an audit notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Washington State Department of Revenue, do not believe that they need a tax attorney. They believe that the matter can be handled by a certified public accountant (CPA).

The services of a knowledgeable accountant are certainly valuable, and we have an in-house accountant whom we work with in many cases, but the role and knowledge-base of an accountant is limited. Simply put, accountants are not trained (or licensed, for that matter), to advise on tax law issues. This lack of knowledge can lead to serious and costly mistakes on tax returns. Unfortunately, the IRS does not care if the mistake on your tax return was made by an accountant or tax preparer. They are not going to go after anyone but you. You, the taxpayer, remain completely responsible and liable for the consequences of the mistake.

Chances are, with each tax return you received from a tax preparer, you also received a disclaimer stating the return he or she prepared was based on the information you provided. In other words, your tax preparer does not take time to review all your documents, or even to make certain you can substantiate each number on your tax return with sufficient documentation such as receipts, invoices, mileage logs and so forth. Most tax preparers run volume businesses and simply do not have the time to go through your documents and make certain every base is covered. The end result is that, although the tax preparer may give you a false sense of security, the reality is that guesses and estimates have been made, and that opens you up to the possibility of problems.

Why Do You Need a Tax Attorney? Our Tax Attorney Can Provide Help With IRS Tax Problems in Washington

A tax attorney, such as Lana Rich at the Bellevue, Washington, law firm of Lana Kurilova Rich PLLC, understands the complex state and federal laws that need to be followed in order to keep individuals and businesses in compliance. Perhaps more importantly, a tax attorney knows how to work with the IRS and the appropriate state agencies when things go awry, finding every opportunity to minimize the impact felt from an audit.

The experience at our tax law firm in particular allows us to resolve one-of-a-kind and extremely challenging tax issues, including issues that accountants and tax preparers commonly make errors on, such as how a business' classification as an S-corp impacts payroll tax requirements for shareholder wages. We can handle the unique complexities involved when high net worth individuals are audited. Essentially, there is no situation that we are not prepared to handle.

Furthermore, attorney Lana Rich, who handles all cases personally, has extensive international experience, having practiced law in Russia prior to relocating to the United States. Whether a tax issue has risen involving offshore accounts or the tax challenges faced by U.S. companies doing business overseas, our law firm can address it.

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