Tax Settlements and Offers in Compromise

Seattle Tax Debt Resolution Lawyer

We are often asked whether the IRS would prosecute a taxpayer criminally if the taxpayer is unable to pay the tax that is owed. In most cases, the answer is "no." Again, in most (but not all) cases, the IRS's goal is to get you to pay what you can of the balance that you owe. However, if intentional tax evasion becomes an issue, criminal prosecution could become a reality for some taxpayers. If you cannot pay your back taxes and accumulated penalties and interest, contact the law firm of Lana Kurilova Rich PLLC to explore the possibility of negotiating a payment plan or a negotiated settlement for less than the amount you owe.

We represent individuals and businesses in resolving tax debts owed to the IRS or the taxing agencies of the State of Washington. Based in Bellevue, our experienced Seattle tax debt resolution attorney serves the Greater Seattle area, as well as clients statewide and nationwide. Call us at (425) 289-0629 for a free initial phone consultation.

Explore Your Tax Debt Options With Our Washington State Tax Settlement Attorney

Installment Agreements (Payment Plans)

If you have some ability to pay, but cannot satisfy the tax obligation with a lump sum payment , the IRS or the Washington Department of Revenue will usually agree to an installment agreement, commonly known as a payment plan. We assess your financials to ensure that you can make the monthly or quarterly payments without creating hardship, and we negotiate to halt or cap the interest and penalties whenever possible. We may also be able to help you avoid a federal tax lien (commonly filed by the IRS) or a tax warrant (filed by the Washington State Department of Revenue).

The Offer in Compromise

This settlement option is sometimes misunderstood. You generally cannot settle with the IRS "for pennies on the dollar" (like some TV commercials might advertise) if the government knows you have the means to pay, including liquidating other assets. The IRS Offer in Compromise specialists complete very thorough research of your income and assets, and they often disagree with your proposed valuation of those assets. However, if you truly do not have the means to pay the IRS, the agency would rather get something than nothing. Offers in compromise are based on your ability to pay. While "pennies on the dollar" is rare, they are possible for some taxpayers. The amount of your offer will largely depend on your total net worth. We will determine whether you have a good chance of filing a successful Offer, and if so, how much you should offer the IRS. Once the IRS accepts your offer and you have paid the offered amount — the remaining taxes are forgiven. However, you must remain in filing in payment compliance for subsequent years.

Washington State tax settlement lawyer Lana Rich brings many years of experience in tax controversies, and she explains your options in a language you can understand. Contact us today for a free initial phone assessment. We can quickly determine if you would likely qualify for an offer in compromise, and if not, we will recommend another course of action to resolve your tax debt.