Avoiding Tax Problems

Proactive Tax Planning and Representation From Our Full-Service Tax Law and Accounting Firm in Washington State

If your business or your personal income taxes are audited, it may not be simply "bad luck" or "random." It generally means that one or more of your practices — even if you had no bad intentions — has raised a red flag with government tax officials. Perhaps your returns are un-filed. Perhaps your preparer took an aggressive position on your federal return, and the IRS wants to verify its accuracy. Perhaps you have a large business but no employees, and the IRS and/or the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) and the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) would like to review your worker classification issues. The list of possibilities can go on.

The law firm of Lana Kurilova Rich PLLC can help you avoid tax problems with the IRS, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) or the Washington Department of Revenue (DOR) by taking steps to comply with state and federal tax laws while still minimizing your tax burden. We provide comprehensive tax planning and representation in tax audits and disputes to individuals and businesses in the Seattle area and statewide. Call (425) 289-0629 to arrange a consultation or contact us by e-mail.

Seattle, Washington, Tax Attorney Helping You to Avoid Tax Problems Through Careful Planning

We offer a full range of services to help clients stay out of tax trouble in the first place, or avoid the worst consequences if they have already attracted attention:

  • Tax planning for business start-up and ongoing operations, including international tax planning
  • Proactive auditing of your corporate or individual tax returns by our experienced tax lawyer, including help from our in-house accountant to organize (or recreate) your receipts, bank statements and other documentation, in order to prepare for a possible or pending audit
  • Legal opinions on independent contractor vs. employee status, specific deductions, employee withholding, and other issues that state or federal authorities may question
  • Preparation of state and IRS tax forms, including filing for extensions and estimating quarterly taxes
  • Coming into compliance if you routinely file taxes late, have failed to file taxes, or failed to collect and pay employment taxes
  • Amending prior returns or filing past-due returns before the IRS comes after you so that you may benefit from voluntary compliance
  • Full-service accounting and bookkeeping if record keeping is a problem area for you, or counsel on how to "get your house in order"
  • Tax audit or tax evasion representation

Dependable Advice on Tax Disputes From Our Experienced Bellevue, Washington, Lawyer

It is better to file on time even if you cannot pay the tax. It is better to file for an extension than not to file at all — but many people do not realize you must still pay something when you request an extension — and it is better to pay too much than to estimate too low and pay penalties later. Contact our Seattle tax planning lawyer today for a free initial phone consultation to learn how we can help.

Lana Rich has practiced tax law in Washington state since 2003. She has an MBA with the emphasis in Finance and Accounting, brings real-world business experience as an internal auditor for a major U.S. corporation, and holds a Master of Laws in Taxation (LL.M.).