IRS Bank Levies & Wage Garnishments

Seattle IRS Bank Levies Lawyer

It is not unusual for individuals and businesses to put IRS matters on the back burner. The IRS sends letters, and those letters are ignored or set aside to be dealt with later. Unfortunately, this can lead to major IRS tax problems, including bank levies and wage garnishments.

The Bellevue, Washington, law firm of Lana Kurilova Rich PLLC is dedicated to preventing these problems for clients in the Greater Seattle area, statewide and nationwide. If you have learned that the IRS has or will soon take money from your bank account or garnish your wages, call us at (425) 289-0629 for a free initial phone consultation with our Seattle IRS bank levy attorney.

Washington Attorney, Taking Immediate Action in Tax Emergencies Such As Wage Garnishment

We understand that the cash flow problem created by an IRS files a substitute for return, which tend to result in significantly higher taxes. Sometimes these substituted returns can go back a number of years. Although this can make the process challenging, we have the experience to work with the IRS to file your actual returns and reduce or sometimes even eliminate your tax liability. Some of our clients who thought they owed taxes were actually entitled to tax refunds after our office prepared and filed their actual returns.

But if you still owe taxes, we can help. The IRS will expect some sort of concession, and we can work with them to establish a payment plan or reach a settlement, the end result being the release of an IRS bank levy or the halt of wage garnishment.

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